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Quality Raw Material + Quality Processes + Quality People = Quality Product

The company is located in the National Capital Region of Delhi with its manufacturing facility at Okhla Industrial Area and a sales office at Karol Bagh. The manufacturing is carried out in a self-owned premise covering an area of 10000 sq ft with 100% power back up. An additional area of 2500 sq ft is available for future expansion. At present, with the available infrastructure at our manufacturing unit we can manufacture around 8000 units per day. Presently we are manufacturing 5 to 6000 units per day to meet the market demand. An additional area of 2500 sqft and the necessary financial resources are available for future expansion.

We also have an additional unit of 5000 sq. ft in Okhla Industrial Area itself, where our CJR facility operates from. CJR is currently taking its initial steps into the domestic and export plastic injection molded component market by manufacturing high quality rear view mirrors as per international norms.

Apart from the above, we also have a self owned partially Build up plot of 2000 sq. mtrs  in Kushkhera, Rajasthan which is on the Delhi – Jaipur – Mumbai Automotive Corridor. We are currently looking at various manufacturing opportunities to start up operations at that site.


  • Winding Machines
  • Programmable Winding Machines
    • Single Spindle Side loading machines for layer winding.
    • Single Spindle Side loading
    • Four Spindle machines Front loading
    • Six Spindle CNC Flier Machines with On Line Twister arrangement
    • CNC Multi Pole Stator winding Machines
  • Vacuum Impregnation Plant
  • Baking Ovens
  • Moulding Machines
  • Powder Coating Plant with Electrostatic Fluidized Bed
  • Potting Plant
  • Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine
  • Pad Printing M/C
  • Inkjet Printing Machine
  • Presses


  • Coil scope
  • Oscilloscope with High Voltage Probe
  • LCRQ Meter
  • Surge Tester
  • High Voltage Break Down Tester
  • Cut Through Tester
  • Pin Hole Tester
  • Life Test Jig for Ignition Coils
  • Spark Length Tester
  • Variable Speed DC Drive for Ignition & Magneto Coils
  • Testing Panel for Electronic Regulator Unit
  • Life Tester for Blinkers/Flashers and Relays



  • Laminated Core
    • Visual Inspection - 100%
    • Fitment - Sample Lot
  • Super Enameled Copper Wire
    • Visual Inspection – Each Spool
    • Overall Dia. – Each Spool
    • Bare Dia. – Sample Lot
    • Break Down Voltage – Each Spool
    • Pin Hole Test – Sample Lot

Test certificates are procured from vendors for Epoxy Resin and Super Enameled Copper Wire from time to time. With a constant endeavor to develop and upgrade the technology, the company has installed the most efficient CNC Coil Winding Machines winding a large range of coils using wire diameter from 0.05mm to 1.10 mm. Complete in house testing facilities for Raw Materials and Finished Products are available for maintaining high quality standards.

To keep pace with the latest technological advancement in Automobile Coils, we have inhouse Powder Coated Multi Pole Stator Assemblies for both Two and Three Wheeler applications. Also, we have been successfully manufacturing twin lead ignition coils with sectional winding technology.


  • Continuity Test
  • Inductance Test
  • Surge Test
  • Short Turn Testing



  • Spark Length for Ignition Coils
  • Output Voltage for Ignition Coils
  • Life Test for Ignition Coils
  • Inductance for Source Coils
  • Surge Test for Three Pole & Multi Pole Stators
  • O/P Wave Shape with the help of variable DC Drive